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US approves its first offshore wind farm at Cape Cod

29th April 2010

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Most of the power, of course, will be obtained from the rapidly rotating corpse of the late Liberal Lion, Senator Ted Kennedy. The wind farm is just there for cover, as in money laundering.

One Response to “US approves its first offshore wind farm at Cape Cod”

  1. Rick Says:

    We should start a pool for how long it will take before the whining about this project begins. Or maybe who will be the first to start the whining. Will it be the environmentalists? The Crust (for spoiling their personal view)? The government? (Did you REALLY think you filled out ALL the permit applications needed?) The developers? (“We didn’t think it was going to cost THAT much……and we were pretty sure the government would give us money…and, besides, who thought the weather might be bad off Cape Cod?”)