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Sandra Bullock’s husband Jesse James ‘checks into treatment facility’

31st March 2010

Read it.

When did character flaws become medical problems?

In the Good Old Days, people who had screwed up went on pilgrimages, did penance, and spent time in monasteries to get their heads straight. Nowadays they check into rehab, which typically has a spa and access to Good Drugs. How life has changed.

2 Responses to “Sandra Bullock’s husband Jesse James ‘checks into treatment facility’”

  1. MiMi Says:

    If Sandra Bullock falls for this I give up – she’s an idiot.
    This guy is like a child. Sneaking behind her back sending texts. What a dork. He treated her like she was his mother.

  2. Rick Says:

    Does Obamacare cover sex addiction?

    Oh, wait, “Party of Clinton”, nevermind….