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Predictions about the iPad

28th January 2010

Tyler Cowen thinks he’s figured it out.

My theory is that Apple wants to capture a chunk of the revenue in this nation’s enormous textbook market — high school, college, whatever.  Why lug all those books around?  The superior Apple graphics, colors, and fonts will support all of the textbook features which Kindle botches and destroys.  Apple takes a chunk of the market revenue, of course, plus they sell the iPads and some AT&T contracts.  There are lots of schoolkids in the world.

In the longer run the iPad will compete with your university, or in some ways enhance your university.  It will offer homework services and instructional videos and courses, none of which can work well on the current iPhone or Kindle.

Can you imagine one attached to every hospital bed or in the hands of every doctor and nurse?

One Response to “Predictions about the iPad”

  1. Parabellum Says:

    Just went to a new doctor the other day. All the MDs and RNs had netbooks they carried around from patient to patient. None of my info is on paper, it’s in a database. Not sure if that’s good or not, but it’s the future.

    I’m sure they’d much prefer to use iPads instead of the netbooks.