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Against Camel Case

28th November 2009

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A drone of the Crust looks down his nose at people who actually produce a useful product.

As you probably know, the California-based company Apple makes a portable communication device — a device that an acquaintance of mine whose first language is not English distinguishes as a “self” phone. Though proper nouns conventionally begin with a capital letter, Apple spells the device’s trademark with an initial lowercase i, followed by an uppercase P. Thus styled, the word has a hump in the middle. I could print it here to show you, but I refuse to allow my prose to be so disfigured.

Rather an elegant examplar of why Apple is making money, and the New York Times isn’t.

One Response to “Against Camel Case”

  1. Roy Heath Says:

    I’d ask you to guess which of those two companies I own stock in, but you already know the answer. Apple is making money hand over fist even with the handicap of having Al Gore on their board.