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Barbi Twins Slam President Obama, Democrats Over Animal Rights Issues

28th November 2009

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Imagine the distress of a President who has lost the support of twin Playboy Playmates. The ignominy!

Imagine a world in which ‘full-time animal activist’ can be described as a ‘career’ with a straight face.

“He’s got such a big following, he doesn’t realize how big the animal community is so you can image how disappointed everyone is. I know so many Democrats that have gone republican just from that one move and he didn’t keep to his word. My good friend Jana Kohl (Sen. Herb Kohl’s niece) very much campaigned for Obama and brought the whole animal community behind him. She got a photo with him and her pound puppy, so she was very disappointed when he didn’t get one,” Shane continued. “The Democrats have been very discouraging toward a lot of animal issues, I’m starting to open up the eyes of a lot of people, and it’s a money issue. I’ve seen a lot of Democrats let down the animal side because there is a big business and a lot of money to be made on the liberal side of animal extortion.”

Ponder such terms as ‘the animal community’ and ‘the animal side’. (I had always thought that ‘the animal side’ referred to Hulk Hogan and his colleagues.) I have no trouble believing that there is ‘a lot of money to be made on the liberal side of animal extortion’, but I question the value of Democrats who ‘go Republican’ just because Obama didn’t pick a ‘pound puppy’ for the White house.

One Response to “Barbi Twins Slam President Obama, Democrats Over Animal Rights Issues”

  1. Sis Says:

    Not being a Playboy bunny, I’m guessing here. However, I do know some people “on the animal side.” Obama began by saying they would rescue from a shelter. Then someone criticized him, saying the Obamas would be bad parents if they acquired a dog at all, because Malia suffers from allergies (unknown if dog dander is one of them). Not make a mistake; be a bad parent. They do love to eat their own. Then he started to split the difference, saying he’d try to rescue a “hypoallergenic” dog (there is no such thing) and purchase one if they couldn’t find one. At some point Ted Kennedy stepped in, saying he knew of a pup of a very fashionable and expensive breed who had been returned to the breeder twice, so you could kinda say he’s a rescue. The rest is history.

    Saying you have the best intentions and then winding up with a fashionable and expensive option that was presented to you by a plutocrat and that you justify because it’s naughty, strikes me as a quintessentially liberal thing to do. But I digress.

    Animal activists really, really believe in the virtues of pet adoption rather than purchase. Most animal activists believe breeders are eeeeeeevil and if they, the activists, can get enough other folks to rescue then they can put the evil breeders out of business. Obama, the answer to all liberal/leftists’ prayers, PROMISED to rescue and then he DIDN’T. He broke his promise! Imagine their disappointment!

    Finally, it’s nice when someone on the touchy-feely end of the spectrum figures out that the Democrats are the party of big money.