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An Onion Parody, or a UN Human Rights Report: You Decide

21st October 2009

Ron Radosh issues the challenge.

It’s harder than you might think.

“The report therefore discusses, besides the human rights of women, the gendered impact of counter-terrorism measures on men and persons of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities, and addresses how gender intersects with other prohibited grounds of discrimination, such as race and religion.” What this gobbledygook legalese means is that when the Israelis engage in counter-terrorism against terrorists and suicide bombers, they are threatening the rights of trans-gendered individuals. How? When a man dresses as a woman, the Israelis might embarrass an honest cross-dresser by subjecting him/her to a humiliating search, thereby interfering with the person’s sexual identity and human rights.

See what I mean? The problem is, of course, male Muslim terrorists dressing up in burqas in order to pass as women and therefore go where no man has gone before — and blow things up.

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