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Get a Government Job!

28th September 2009

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As researchers for The Free Enterprise Nation began compiling information about the pay and benefits disparity that exists between government/public education and those who work in the private sector, we’d hear an occasional “OH, MY GOSH!” or “OH, MY!” as they found another reference to shocking pay and benefits practices in the public sector. It might have been the first time they saw a State of California pensioner retiring at $500,000 a year…or perhaps the Illinois driver’s training teacher earning $170,000 a year and retiring at $130,000 a year…or perhaps the New York City workers who amass more than $100,000 in overtime in their last year before retirement, triggering a pension benefit in excess of their salary.

And in every case, these “public servants” retired in their 50’s, with free or highly subsidized health care and guaranteed annual increases in their pension benefits. Countless examples led to a new classification…”OH, MY!,” or “OM” for these examples.

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