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In Pakistan: Village of German jihadists, converts to Islam

27th September 2009

Read it.

The Telegraph refers to these converts as “white,” as if their race were something noteworthy. In reality, as I have stated here several billion times, the jihad is not a racial issue, despite the best efforts of the mainstream media, CAIR, and libelblogger Charles Johnson to make it into one. Anyone, of any race, can become an adherent of the jihad doctrine and ideology.

It is actually noteworthy because (among other reasons) the people there are deep believers in the jihad doctrine and Islamic supremacism, and because the fact that they are converts to Islam shows that active jihadist recruitment is a key element of Islamic dawah — proselytizing — in Europe.

Robert Spencer is in the forefront of those who realize that to conquer the world and reduce any non-Muslim inhabitants to slavery or death is a core principle of Islam. All of the multi-culti bloviation by the current Crust can’t change that; it merely makes people mentally defenseless in the face of the danger.

This is not a racial issue — ‘Muslim’ is not a ‘race’ — but a cultural issue that is being distorted as a racial issue in order that it can be beaten with the Fashion Stick of Racism by the aforesaid Crust.

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