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US Dems fill inboxes with 419 scams

29th August 2009

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According to a researcher with anti-spam company Cloudmark, 419 fraudsters have been relaying a “significant” amount of messages through the democrats.org domain name. The abuse, which dates back at least to the beginning of this month, helps evade filters that internet service providers employ to block the messages.

Birds of a feather….

2 Responses to “US Dems fill inboxes with 419 scams”

  1. Jay Says:

    And there’s a bill right now to give this party’s president emergency control over the Internet, for security reasons.


  2. Cathy Says:

    For once, the Democrats really are providing “relief” to a group of people! Of course, I think this is more like truth in advertising, since I don’t really believe that a donation to the Democratic party goes for its stated purpose.