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Think Islamic Jew-hatred is a byproduct of “occupation”? Think again.

28th August 2009

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In August 1929, that community was suddenly and brutally attacked. Incited by the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem—who claimed that Jews were endangering Muslim holy sites on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem—Arab rioters swept through Palestine. In Hebron, the carnage was horrendous.

Theory: Islam is a creation of Satan in an attempt to exterminate God’s chosen people. Discuss.

One Response to “Think Islamic Jew-hatred is a byproduct of “occupation”? Think again.”

  1. Stopped Clock Says:

    Sorry to be a party pooper but I feel somewhat obligated to point out that Christians were fighting each other just as recklessly a few hundred years ago. I believe that Islam and Christianity really do both worship the same God, and that it is possible for there to be peace, but that politics are getting in the way. If you read the Quran you can see that there is really nothing inherently anti-Semitic in it, and that, all in all, one would expect Christians to be more anti-Semitic than Muslims … after all, the Pharisees (who were Jewish) killed Christ. And throughout history, many groups of Christians have in fact shown a tendency to be sympathetic towards anti-Semitism, perhaps more so than Muslims. But nevertheless, your point that contemporary Muslim anti-Semitism isn’t just a reaction to the creation of the state of Israel is valid.