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Bare Ruined Choirs

30th July 2009

John Derbyshire, Patron Saint of Dyspepsia, shops for a car with his wife, who does the heavy lifting.

Our particular case wasn’t helped by Mrs. D being Chinese. Salespeople hate Chinese customers. Quite right, too. Mrs. D will haggle the hair off your head. And she’s not even from Shanghai — they are totally the worst. We have a Shanghainese friend who went to buy a car some years ago. He drove the sales force to such distraction, they actually threw him out. He talked his way back in, because, as he explained:  “When they threw me out, then I knew I’d found their price!” Mrs. D isn’t that relentless, but she did drive one of the reps out of his courtesy zone. “Lady, if you don’t want the car, don’t buy it.”

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