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The Brevity Act: Time for a 28th Amendment

29th June 2009

Read it.

lier this year, Congress passed a “Stimulus” Bill.  It was 973 pages long. This past Friday, the House passed a “Climate Change” Bill.  It was more than 1200 pages long.

Yet the bill that was passed on June 26, 2009 by 219 of our elected representatives — people to whom we’ve entrusted our Constitution, men and women who have sworn an oath to uphold it – was more than 1200 pages long.  That’s over 100 times longer than the U.S. Constitution!  And not one member of Congress, NOT ONE, read the whole thing!

A word comes to my mind to describe this: “INSANE.”

2000 words is about 5 single spaced pages in a 12 point Word document.  If it’s longer than that, then it’s too complicated to be a single law or bill, so it must either be cut or turned into multiple bills, each requiring a separate vote.

An excellent idea whose time has come.

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