We have seen the future, and it sucks.

Magic Cars: A Modern Day Federal Fairy Tale

30th May 2009

Ed Wallace takes a look at the new government-managed auto business.

Forget the fact that just last week it was announced that Oklahoma’s wheat production would fall by 51 percent this year because it was too cold to get the fields planted on time in April; Global Warming is going to kill us all. And there’s only one way to stop it from happening: Start a cap-and-trade system on all carbon emissions. But some likelihood exists that this system to save the planet will be turned over to the same individuals who gave us $147-a-barrel oil last year. For those who haven’t snapped to this plan’s outcome, it’s a tax on every last bit of energy we use, whether it’s electricity or gasoline.

Here’s the reality: The E85 Flex Fuel credit for automobile production is still on the books, meaning we invent fuel efficiency numbers for any vehicle that can run on E85 ethanol. The Flex Fuel Chevy Suburban is rated right at 30 mpg by the Feds — in spite of the fact that if you actually use E85 ethanol, you only get 10 miles per gallon in town. So, if the president wants large SUVs to get 30 mpg, no problem: Simply build every last SUV (or light truck) to run on E85 and it meets the 2016 standards. On paper.

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