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GP penalised for lack of complaints

30th May 2009

Read it.

Under the new payment system for family doctors, the surgery receives money for hitting targets and completing tasks.

One of the payments is dependent on being able to demonstrate how the surgery has dealt with complaints.

Dr Nicola Williams, a GP at the practice in Preston, said her practice would be missing out because a lack of any complaints mean no information could be provided.

This is the sort of thing that happens when government bureaucrats are in charge of the health care system. Think the insurance companies are a bunch of idiots? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

A spokeswoman for NHS Central Lancashire said the trust was unable to discuss individual cases, but had to adhere to national guidelines.

She said: “Practices are rewarded for using complaints and suggestions as a potential source of learning and development.”

Just sitting here waiting for Obamacare….

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