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Why Do Cats Eat Grass? Scientists Might Have Figured It Out

12th August 2019

Read it.

Is this an urban legend? I’ve never seen a cat eat grass.

I have seen cats eat plastic, yarn (both wool and cotton) and anything long and stringy they can get their teeth on.

I think it’s just because cats are weird.

2 Responses to “Why Do Cats Eat Grass? Scientists Might Have Figured It Out”

  1. Cathy Sims Says:

    Our cats do not go outside and we do not have house plants, so they have no opportunity to eat grass or any other kind of plant. My Caesar, at about age 8, managed to work his way up to the top of a 7′ high cabinet to eat an ivy I had put up there in a vain attempt to keep him out of it. After a combination of black pepper, red pepper, cayenne, and chili powder on all the flat surfaces along his route failed to even slow him down, I gave up and put the ivy outside to die.

  2. Realrick Says:

    They do eat grass. My observation is that it usually makes them vomit, which in turn helps get rid of the hairball in their stomachs. (Hair doesn’t digest.)

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