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How Biden Went From -$947K to Millions

9th July 2019

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Where did all that money come from? As with Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, part of the answer lies with some very lucrative book deals. The same year that Biden moved into his miniature White House, Macmillan offered Biden and his wife a multi-book contract worth unknown millions. That was quite a lot of money for a retired veep who hadn’t even announced that he was running for again.

Biden’s previous literary adventures hadn’t exactly set the publishing world on fire. On taking office, Random House had paid him a $9,563 advance to record an audio version of Promises to Keep. The campaign book sold some 49,000 copies and netted under $200 in royalties in 2009.

This appears to be the standard cashing-in technique for Presidential runs: It doesn’t matter if you’re a viable candidate, the mere fact of running for President allows you to cobble together a ‘book’ out of your campaign documents and score a profitable book deal (profitable for you; rarely for the publisher). I suspect that this is a not-very-roundabout way to make a massive contribution to the candidate’s campaign, but of course it’s impossible to prove.

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