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Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome

13th February 2018

CNN’s Hossain — Republican Women Are ‘Trapped’ With ‘Abuser’ Trump  Of course, there is no evidence that Trump is an ‘abuser’ — the overwhelming majority of ‘abusers’ outed so far are Democrats.

Former Clinton Advisor Attacks Sarah Sanders — ‘She Lies Every Day’  No actual lies cited, of course, just vague allegations.

‘This Narrative Has Sunk In’: MSNBC Panel Betray The Political Agenda Behind Trump Coverage

MSNBC Analyst: Trump’s the ‘Commander-in-Chief of American Rape Culture’  Now they’re just making stuff up.

Mike Pence ‘thinks Jesus tells him to say things’, says former Trump aide Omarosa  And of course it has to be true because a black woman said it.

CNN Contributor: ‘Trump Should Be Charged With Manslaughter!’  No doubt for strangling the Proglodyte Dream.

Ed Asner Jokes About Trump’s Sons Being Mauled By Lion  Yet he would be the first to scream of somebody made a similar joke about one of Obama’s daughters.

Former Obama Campaign Aide Compares Trump to Child Murdering Haitian Dictator  Since that child-murdering Haitan dictator was black, I don’t see the resemblance.

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