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Today in Trump Derangement Syndrom

12th February 2018

Trump’s budget hits poor Americans the hardest  Yeah, the deficit isn’t big enough. We don’t owe enough money yet.

Is Trump scaring away people who would stand in his way?  I certainly hope so.

ABC Panelist: To Work in White House You Must ‘Degrade Your Humanity’ and ‘Your Very Being’  And you don’t even get fries with that.

Immigrant Gang Attacks in Sweden Escalate Wins the Dan Rather ‘fake but accurate’ award.

‘Homeland’ Season Premiere Takes on ‘Paranoid,’ ‘Fascist’ President  And won’t tell the truth that it would more likely be a Democrat like Obama.

Robert De Niro Promises America Will ‘Eventually Cure Itself’ Of Donald Trump  In, oh, about 2024. I can wait.

MSNBC Assures Leftist: ‘We’re on the Same Side’ Against ‘Racist’ Trump  Of course, there’s no actual evidence that Turmp is a racist, but a good lie will serve the Narrative.

Head Of CPB Claims Trump Cutting PBS Funding Could Kill People But only the ‘right’ people.

NYT Reporter: President Trump’s ‘Hostility’ Toward Hispanics Explains Decline in Flu Shots  See whether you can untangle this one.

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