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How Old Were You When Heard Your Favorite Songs?

11th February 2018

Steve Sailer dives into popular culture and comes out with some truth in his mouth.

Songs that came out decades earlier are now, on average, most popular among men who were 14 when they were first released. The most important period for men in forming their adult tastes were the ages 13 to 16.

What about women? On average, their favorite songs came out when they were 13. The most important period for women were the ages 11 to 14.

I first started listening to popular music in 1964, when I hit high school, and quit when I got out of graduate school in 1985. I have favorites throughout that period, but don’t really care much for anything before (Elvis and Buddy Holly) or after (rap and hip-hop). And my ‘likes’ dip back into the 30s and 40s — In the Mood and Sing Sing Sing will always get my butt moving in the seat — and genres like boogie-woogie.

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