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Meet the Connecticut Schoolgirl Facing Expulsion for Having a Planned Parenthood Sticker on Her Laptop

10th February 2018

Read it.

It isn’t until halfway through this exercise in pearl-clutching that you find out that the kid is enrolled in a Roman Catholic school that — I’m shocked, shocked I tell you — actually takes Roman Catholic doctrine on abortion seriously.

The whole tone of the article is that of a mother who finds out that her Crustian children are hanging out kids whose clothes come from Walmart. The horror! the horror!

I suspect that the shock on the part of the school that one of their classes harbored a child of baby-murderers, who is being (apparently successfully) indoctrinated in their baby-murdering ways, is equally great. I suspect that the school can’t wait to get rid of the girl and (more importantly) her parents.

But, this being America (and Connecticut being a Blue State — I’m surprised they even allow Roman Catholics to live there, unless they’re CINOs like Botox Pelosi), it’s going to wind up in court sooner rather than later.

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