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Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome

10th February 2018

Nicolle Wallace Claims Trump ‘Doesn’t Even Want to Know’ About ‘Threats To The Nation’  Amazing how many ‘jorunalists’ appear to have missed their calling as TV psychics.

‘Pillar of the community’ business owner deported after nearly 40 years under Trump’s immigration policy  Really? He’s been under ‘Trump’s immigration policy’ for 40 years? I’m impressed,

CNN, MSNBC Push Myth Trump Urged Death Penalty for Innocent Black Teens

Rutenberg Pens Essay on NYT’s Brave War on Trump; Mocks ‘Lies’ of Swift Boat Vets

US intelligence ‘paid $100,000 to Russian who claimed to have compromising information on Trump but failed to provide it’  Gonna catch that red dot!

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