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Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome

8th February 2018

ABC Tries to Tie Trump to People Choosing Not to Take Flu Vaccine

Manchester United financial results: Old Trafford club blame half-year loss of £21.1m on Donald Trump’s tax reform

John Oliver joins Stephen Colbert to discuss Donald Trump’s potential Robert Mueller interview  Beta male overload. These guys look as if they were kicked out of Accounting for putting everybody else to sleep.

MSNBC: Trump Is ‘A Hypocrite’ For Wanting U.S. Prisoners In Iran Freed  Really?

White House Under Fire Over Aide Accused Of Serious Domestic Abuse  I give up — how is this the fault of ‘The White House’?

Rob Reiner Says Fighting Trump Is ‘Last Battle of the Civil War’  I think there are a few more left.

Eric Holder: ‘Any One Of My Kids Would Make A Better President Than Donald Trump’  Talk’s cheap. Let’s see ’em run.

Biden Attacks Trump For Comments About ‘Groping Women’  I can see why Joe would feel threatened.

Professor Wants Trump Dead  He’ll have to wait in line.

Donald Trump mostly avoided discussing key policies during National Prayer Breakfast speech  Perhaps because it wasn’t National Discuss Key Policies Breakfast. That’s just a guess, of course.

Rob Porter: White House accused of covering up abuse allegations made against staff secretary  I guess the new standard is ‘innocent until allegation made’.

Trump administration reportedly drafting rules to target immigrants who use food stamps  No, ILLEGAL immigrants who use food stamps — to which they are not legally entitled. Once again, the Chattering Class refuses to make an essential distinction.

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