We have seen the future, and it sucks.

The Dark Knight

7th February 2018

Trump’s Dark, Bloody-Minded State of the Union – The Atlantic

Is Donald Trump’s Dark Russian Secret Hiding In Deutsche Bank’s Vaults?

In his first speech as president, Trump’s vision of America remains dark

Economists warn of Trump deficit’s ‘dark trajectory’

Trump, Xi and a dark year for democracy

Trump: How Dark Is His Dark Side?

The Donald Trump Conversation: Politics’ “Dark Heart” Is Having the Best Time Anyone’s Ever Had

Trump and the Dark History of Straight Talk

The Guardian view on President-elect Donald Trump: a dark day for the world

Trump’s Dark Deregulation

How Donald Trump Rode In On “Dark Money”

Trump’s Dark Vision Of America

Trump’s MS-13 speech takes a dark turn

How Did Trump Win? Follow the Dark Money

The Real Trouble With Trump’s ‘Dark Post’ Facebook Ads

Christian Bale Recounts Meeting Donald Trump During ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

Donald Trump’s Glowing Orb – Dark Ritual

Image result for trump batman

Is Trump like Batman? College student’s paper wins national award

To the bat-cave, Robin….

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