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Auburn Beating Shows Racist Ideas Can Inhabit Bodies of Any Color

6th February 2018

Read it.

Someone stopped by my desk to see if I had a thought about the fact that Julian Pailate Tuimauga, who is charged with committing a hate crime against a black man in Auburn, isn’t white.

What I wish everyone would realize is the racism sprouting from white-supremacist ideology is so pervasive that just about everyone is exposed to it. Anyone can act in ways that support white supremacy or that reflect the view of the world it perpetuates.

When the justice system’s workings lead to a Latino, Asian or black cop fatally shooting someone without just cause, that person is just as dead as if a white officer fired the shot.

So apparently white people are to blame for one POC beating on another POC.

Well, nice to have that cleared up.

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