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Kerry’s Collusion

5th February 2018

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Deafening is the word for the silence that has greeted the report that Secretary of State Kerry has sent a message urging the Palestinian Arab leader Mahmoud Abbas to stay strong and resist American policy in the Middle East. This supposedly took place at a meeting between Mr. Kerry and an longtime ally of Mr. Abbas, Hussein Agha, who has long been involved on the Palestinian side of the so-called peace process.

At that meeting, according to reports in the Israeli newspaper Maariv and the Jerusalem Post, Mr. Kerry asked Mr. Agha to encourage Mr. Abbas to “hold on and be strong” in the face of “Trump’s demands.” And to “play for time.” Mr. Kerry sought to reassure his interlocutor with the news that he was considering making another run for the presidency in 2020, the implication being that if so, things would go better for the Palestinian Arabs.

Even in an age as cynical as ours, this is an appalling thing from a former state secretary. “It is hard to imagine anything more contemptible. Or delusional,” writes John Hinderaker of Powerline in one of his understatements. Yet there has been reaction from neither President Obama, who employed Mr. Kerry as state secretary, nor Hillary Clinton, Mr. Kerry’s predecessor at Foggy Bottom and theoretical head of what’s left of his political party.

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