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Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome

5th February 2018

Comedians Mock CNN Analyst’s Deranged (and Racial) Trump Rants

CNN’s Brinkley Frets Trump Has Fox ‘Echo Chamber’ Propping Him Unlike Nixon  Yeah, you can’t just pile on the Republican the way you could in the Old Days.

Velshi: Trump Attacking ‘Pillars Of Our Criminal Justice System’ Who have already been corrupted by Obama/Clinton. That’s his job as chief law enforcement officer.

ABC on Memo: ‘Just Because It’s Biased, Doesn’t Mean It’s Not True’  The Dan Rather ‘fake but accurate’ rationalization.

MSNBC Freak-Out: Democracy ‘Crumbling’ as Trump Follows ‘Dictator’s Playbook’  The ‘Dictator’s Playbook’ says you ought to be in jail by now. Maybe you got the old edition.

MSNBC: Trump Base ‘Don’t Need Rationality,’ Just ‘Russian Bots’  I think CNN is populated by Russian bots. Seriously– have you ever watched them? ‘Uncanny Valley’ in the flesh.

California Professor Teaches Students That Trump Is Just ‘Orange Reality Star’  They don’t make professors like they used to.

Schumer To Liberal Group: Trump ‘Most Dangerous And Worst Man In The Presidency’ Ever  Richard Dixon would breathe a sigh of relief, if he could still breath. Still, Jimmy Carter is still out there….

Laughable Charles Blow: Trump Already Has America in a ‘Constitutional Crisis’  Yeah, all the Democrats are adopting unconstitutional means to get rid of him. But that’s not Trump’s fault.

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