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Israel: Right-wing Activists Invite Infiltrators to Leftists’ Homes

1st February 2018

Read it.

Illegal immigrants in Tel Aviv ‘invited’ to actress Sarah Silverman’s sister’s home as right-wing activists distribute ‘invitations’.

Hmmm. Wonder how Nancy Pelosi would like a couple hundred ‘Dreamers’ on her doorstep looking for a handout.

One Response to “Israel: Right-wing Activists Invite Infiltrators to Leftists’ Homes”

  1. RealRick Says:

    Back during the Reagan Administration, the popular leftie theme was about saving the “billions” of “homeless”. Barbara Streisand was particularly vocal – and vicious – about the matter. Someone pointed out that she has a 110-room mansion in Beverly Hills and wouldn’t that serve to get at least 100 homeless off the street. Around that time, Martin Sheen got elected as mayor and vowed to open up the area as a sanctuary for the homeless – an idea that floated like a brick. As always, when the Left talks about caring for some group, they mean “..by using someone else’s money and assets.”

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