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Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome

1st February 2018

NYT columnists remind us: Trump and his voters seem suspiciously German  For almost everybody on the Left, ‘Gernan’ = ‘Nazi’, and so any connection they can make between Trump and German Something (even if they have to make it up) gives them that warm tingle of Confirmation Bias.

Univision Anchors Parrot DNC Talking Points on Trump ‘Stigmatizing’ Immigrants  As they so often do.

ABC Touts Scowling Democrats Booing Trump During SOTU Address  Suckin’ on lemons, every one.

Bernie Sanders: It’s An ‘Outrage’ That Trump Didn’t Talk About Climate Change At SOTU  I suspect that, if Trump had mentioned ‘climate change’, Bernie would still be unhappy.

The State of the (White Nationalist) Union  They actually pay people to write this drivel.

The Worst Media Freak-Outs Over Trump’s State of the Union Address

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