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Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome

31st January 2018

NYT’s Goldberg: Only Way Trump Will Become ‘Presidential’ Is If He Apologizes, Resigns  And of course she’s the expert.

Joy Behar: Someone Should Yell ‘You Lie!’ At Trump Tonight  Gee, she was all upset when somebody did that to Obama.

These Scientists Disavowed Bill Nye For Accepting An Invite To Trump’s SOTU Address  Not really scientists.

Top US General Crushes NYT Report Claiming Trump Might Nuke Another Country In Response To A Cyberattack

Facts First? CNN Speculates Melania Wearing White to Protest Her Husband  I’ve heard of black as a protest color but never white. This is rather a stretch.

Networks Use Pre-SOTU Moments to Bludgeon ‘Embattled’ Trump, GOP ‘Paying the Political Price’  If winning is the price, I’m sure Trump will gladly pay it.

Congressional Black Caucus Dons African Garb To Protest Trump’s SOTU  Yup, nothing says Moral Superiority like dressing like foreigners. I’d be happy to pay their airfare back to Africa.

Angry Celebs Rage During Trump’s State of Union: ‘Sh*tler’ Is ‘A Disgrace’  The Peter Pan Parade (‘I won’t grow up!’) was out in force.

Al Gore Attacks Trump’s ‘Clean Coal’ Remarks, Says there’s ‘No War On American Energy’  Of course not, with Trump as President. Had AlGore or Hillary been elected, then you’d see the war.

Juvenile MSNBC Crew Giggles, Touts Trump Limo Being Flipped Off  The Peter Pan Parade (‘I won’t grow up!’) was out in force.

ABC Melts Down Over ‘Divisive,’ ‘Gloomy,’ ‘Sad’ SOTU Speech ‘Stoking…Racial Tensions’  Apparently none of them listened to the speech:

Luis Gutierrez Stormed Out Of House Chamber During SOTU  He realizes that he’s going to be nobody for the next three to seven years, and he just can’t stand it.

Rattled MSNBC: Trump ‘Stokes the Fires’ With North Korea, ‘Wants a War’  Uh, Chris? If he had wanted a war, we’d have a war. And we do — it’s just being fought with economics rather than the military. And we’re winning. Try to keep up….

CNN Laments Trump Using Patriotic Language in SOTU, Alienating Democrats  Yeah, the nerve of that guy.

Vox: Trump culturally appropriated for Americans the term “Dreamers” from its rightful owners: illegal aliens  The nerve of that guy.

Director Rob Reiner Sad That MSNBC’s ‘Intelligent People’ Have to Watch ‘Racist’ ‘Liar’ Trump  But who’s going to watch the racist liar Rob Reiner?

Donald Trump booed in his first State of the Union after hitting out at ‘chain migration’  This isn’t precisely cherry-picking; perhaps ‘turd-picking’? This reminds me of the old joke about the race between a Russian and an American where the Soviet press reported that the Russian came in second and the American next to last.

Bernie Sanders: I don’t understand how the President can give a State of the Union and not mention climate change  Oh, Bernie. One could make a career out of listing the things that you don’t understand.

Chuck Todd: Trump’s Speech ‘Set Things Back,’ ‘Offended a Lot of Democrats’  By ‘set things back’ I guess he means ‘pushed Trump-haters back into denial’.

Stephen Colbert Was ‘Barely Conscious’ After Trump’s State Of The Union Address  How could they tell?

Morning Joe’s Mika Melts Down Over Trump’s Speech And Defaults To Calling Him A ‘Dictator  If Trump really were a dictator, Mika, you’d be in jail.

View’s Hostin Outraged by SOTU: ‘Very Offensive’ to ‘Demonize Immigrants!’  Except, of course, that nobody ‘demonized’ immigrants — except in the proglodyte fantasy world.

NBC: Don’t Forget, Trump’s ‘Under Criminal Investigation’  Except, of course, that he’s actually not.

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