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Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome

29th January 2018

NY Times Sunday Mag Lets CNN’s Amanpour Savage Trump: ‘Lies Lead to Dictatorship’  What, no mention of Obama?

Grammys 2018: Hillary Clinton reads ‘Fire and Fury’ alongside Snoop Dogg and John Legend  Democrats appear to have nailed the art of being boring.

Celebrity Chef Admits To Defaming Ivanka

Pro-Trump group deny telling Latino and Native American legislators to ‘get out of my country’  Although, if the shoe fits….

Donald Trump isn’t the only reason – or even the main one – why stock markets are booming in America and beyond  In addition to being an anti-Trumper, Sean O’Grady is not an economist or a businessman, so of course he’s an expert on business and economics.

Students Dump All Over Trump’s State Of The Union And It Hasn’t Even Happened Yet  Because they know what it has to be! HAS TO BE!

Frederica Wilson: Trump Doesn’t Deserve To Be Honored At SOTU  Well, actually, he’s the one giving the speech….

Michael Moore Rages Against Trump and Capitalism: They Are ‘Like Horror Films’  That’s funny, I was about to say the same thing about Michael Moore.

Wave of Kabul terror attacks ‘linked to Trump’s aid withdrawal’, say Afghan officials  ‘Linked to’ means ‘we want you to think that there’s a connection’.

Ana Navarro Likens Andrew McCabe Resignation To The Holocaust  Surely it’s even worse than that.

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