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Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome

27th January 2018

Scarborough Tries To Make Obstruction Case Against Trump And Fails Miserably  Maybe because there IS NO CRIME THERE.

Schumer Attacks Trump’s Treatment Of Illegal Immigrants — Sarah Sanders Shuts Him The Chuck Up

Eminem’s Psychosis Continues: White Rapper Now Claims A ‘Turd’ Would Be A Better President Than Trump  A white guy who wishes he was a black guy has some serious issues.

Media Report Shows CNN’s Biased Coverage Of Donald Trump Is Still In Full Swing

Celebs Unveil Grand Plans to ‘Resist’ Trump’s State of the Union  ‘Posture’ would be more accurate.

Nancy Pelosi: WH Immigration Plan Is A ‘Campaign To Make America White Again’

NYT Doomsday Clock Hysteria Finds ‘End of World’ Closer Due to Trump; Ignored It During Obama

New York Times Shows ‘Hard-Line’ Bias in Favor of Dreamers vs. ‘Draconian’ Trump

Three-quarters of ‘unintentional’ civilian deaths in Iraq and Syria have occurred during the Trump presidency  For which he is PERSONALLY responsible, because TRUMP! (Not included, of course, are all the intentional civilian deaths caused by jihadists, but he’s undoubtedly responsible for those, too, because TRUMP!)

Donald Trump can’t talk his way out of legal peril in the Robert Mueller investigation  Nor does he need to.

Chelsea Handler: White Women Voting For Trump ‘Made Me Sick To My Stomach’  Mission accomplished.

By Don Lemon’s Twisted Logic, Should We Blame MSNBC for Scalise Shooting?  Works for me.

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