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Cory Booker Cries on TV for The Second Time in One Day

16th January 2018

Read it.

Cory Booker’s problem is that he doesn’t have enough name recognition to make him a Player in the Democrat power structure. This may be an attempt to raise his profile by being Mr Outrage, a niche in which Elizabeth Warren has so successfully accomplished.

This also lets him posture about his ‘blackness’, which isn’t as obvious as it is with, say, Maxine Waters. It’s always a problem for these you’d-never-know-they’re-black-if-they-didn’t-tell you folks.

Quiz — Find the black guy in this picture:

For reference, here is a picture of an actual black guy:

Tyrese Abuses Jennifer Hudson ... in Short Film; Admits He ...

I’d be willing to bet money that Cory Booker has almost as many white great-grandparents as I do.

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