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Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome

13th January 2018

MSNBC’s Johnson: ‘Terrorist Sympathizer’ Trump Is ‘Enemy,’ ‘Danger’ to Minorities  Surely you could froth at the mouth if you try.

Jimmy Kimmel: Trump’s ‘S***hole’ Comment Shows He Is Racist  Well, no, it just triggers your confirmation bias.

Deranged MSNBC: GOPers Are ‘North Korean Soldiers’ Led by ‘Sniveling’ Carson, ‘Pathetic’ Ryan

African Union demands Donald Trump apologise for ‘sh**hole’ comments  Fine, if they apologize for being shitholes in the first place.

CNN’s Don Lemon Calls Fox News ‘The Trump Channel’  I was wondering when someone from the Clinton News Network would get around to that.

ROYAL WEDDING: Trump ‘to be snubbed’ by Harry and Meghan – but OBAMA could be invited  *sigh* Trump has absolutely no reason to be invited to the ‘Royal Wedding’, nor any reason to go if he were. Harry and Obama did an interview, and if they want to invite him it will be purely personal.

‘AM Joy’ Couldn’t Handle This Black Pro-Trump Pastor’s Arguments  Minorities who refuse to toe the Party Line are creatures with whom the DemLegHump Media are unable to cope.

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