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Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome

12th January 2018

NYT Columnist Bret Stephens Likens Trump to Venezuelan Strongman Hugo Chavez on Morning Joe  Except for the confiscation of business property and the people starving and the ruling by decree, I totally see the resemblance.

‘The View’ Whines ‘Dictator’ Trump ‘At War’ With Media, ‘Actively Trying to Kill Press Off!’  Yeah, look at all those dead ‘journalists’ lying around.

Whoopi Goldberg Thinks Trump Is ‘Actively Trying To Kill The Press Off’  Well, she’d be one of the first to go.

CNN’s Chief White House Correspondent Calls Trump A ‘Racist’ Live On-Air  Hey, ‘everybody knows’ that.

Dem Congressman: ‘We Are Traumatized As A Nation’ By President Trump  I think he meant to say ‘entertained’.

CBC Chair: Trump Comments ‘Further Proof’ His Agenda Is ‘Make America White Again’  Yeah, that’s why he keeps pushing for legislation to send black people back to Africa. Oh, wait….

Bernie Sanders On Trump Comments: ‘We Will Not Tolerate That Type Of Moral Inadequacy’  Where does a senile socialist get any room to speak of ‘moral inadequacy’?

CNN host Don Lemon calls Donald Trump ‘racist’ for calling Haiti and African states ‘s***hole countries’  I guess ‘speaking truth to power’ is only a thing when Democrats do it.

African Union calls Trump ‘s***hole’ comments unacceptable ‘given how many Africans arrived in US as slaves’  Sold by other Africans. They never mention that part.

North Korea says Fire and Fury book signals Donald Trump’s ‘political demise’  Uh, no.

Donald Trump’s ‘s***hole countries’ remark is only the latest example of his racist rhetoric  Uh, no. His ‘rhetoric’ is racist only in the eyes of people who can’t see anything else. Remember, if you hear the dog-whistle, then you’re he dog.

CNN’s Symone Sanders: Trump Comment ‘Just Straight-Up Racist’  Uh, no, but yours are.

Trump’s ‘Shith**e’ Comment Really Hurt Anderson Cooper’s Feelings  Poor snowflake. It’s Hell being a rich gay guy.

CNN Analyst Goes On Racial Slur Filled-Rant Against Trump’s ‘S***hole’ Comment  Trump triggers the deplorable.

John Legend Makes Racist Claims Against Trump Following Leaked ‘S***hole’ Comment  All they need is an excuse, any excuse, and what they ‘always knew was true’ comes out like a sewer pipe.

Dem Rep Says Trump Presidency Is A ‘Threat To Entire World’  Certainly a threat to THEIR world.

Dick Durbin Says Trump Totally Said ‘Sh**hole’  And Democrat Senators are FAMOUS for telling the truth.

Morning Joe: ‘Evil’ Nazi-Lover Trump Wants ‘Aryan’ Immigration Policy  Only in your dreams, Joe. Remember: If you hear the dog-whistle, you’re the dog.

Colbert Jokes America Is the Real ‘S***hole’ Country Since Trump Is President  Certainly since Colbert was given a TV show.

Brinkley: ‘Heart of Stone’ Trump Most Racist Since Woodrow Wilson  Oh? More racist than Franklin ‘Lock up all the yellow people American citizen or not’ Roosevelt? More racist than Lyndon ‘Those niggers will vote for us for a hundred years’ Johnson? The Memory Hole claims another victim. (Oh, and remember that Wilson was a Democrat. Just sayin’.)

Terry McAuliffe Fantasized On Air About Dealing A Blow To Trump  I’d love to see him try it. Seeing a Secret Service agent put two in his head would go viral.

CNN Contributor Shouts ‘Are You A Racist?’ At Trump After Signing Proclamation Honoring MLK  The term ‘clueless’ is sometimes totally inadequate.

Donald Trump ‘repeatedly’ referred to ‘s***hole countries’ in White House meeting says Democrat Senator Dick Durbin  I think he was referring to Missouri, Senator.

A year on, there is no indication that Donald Trump has the capacity to grow  ‘Grow’ being newspaper-speak for ‘become more progressive’.

Hillary Clinton Blasts Trump’s ‘Ignorant, Racist Views’ About Haiti  Somebody must have pulled her string again.

Maxine Waters: Trump Is A ‘Hopeless And Ignorant Bigot’  Although not as much of one as Maxine Waters. When didn’t you ever see her hug a white person?

Steven Spielberg: Trump Administration ‘Distorts The Truth’, Offers ‘Alternative Facts’ This from the producer of the Democrat fairy tale THE POST.

John Lewis Claims Trump’s ‘DNA’ Makes Him Racist  Gee, that sounds pretty racist to me.

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