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Bill Would Eliminate San Francisco Zoning

11th January 2018

Read it.

California state senator Scott Wiener, who represents San Francisco, has introduced Senate Bill 827, which would effectively void all local zoning rules in “transit-rich” areas, meaning areas within a half mile of a rail station or a quarter mile of a stop on a frequent bus route. Wiener’s goal is to allow the construction of high-density housing in those transit-rich areas, thus simultaneously providing more affordable housing and encouraging more people to ride transit.

Unfortunately for Scot Wiener, one of the distinguishing characteristics of SWPL proglodytes is hard-core NIMBYism, and so turning San Fran into some sort of Left Coast Houston has absolutely no chance of going anywhere.

Good thing, too, since we’ve already got a Houston here in Texas and it’s got its arms wide open for anybody priced out of their California dreamin’.

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