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Cry Wolff! And Let Slip the Hawgs of War

10th January 2018

The chief advantage of the Wolff book for the DemLegHump Media is that it allows them to insult Trump under the guise of ‘just reporting on what the book says’. That will keep it popular until they realize that, no, it won’t ‘drive Trump from office’ so they jump to the next lilypad in the swamp.

It will be a best-seller for a while because there are a lot of people out there who hate Trump and this is $20 worth of confirmation bias, cheap at the price. ‘See! It’s right there in a book! Told you so!’ Ann Coulter has been riding the reciprocal of that wave for years. (Somebody get that girl some bacon. She looks anorexic.)

But in the long run it won’t matter. There were a spate of books that came out during Bill Clinton’s tenure about all of the chicks he boffed and claiming that the was running drugs through Mena while he was governor, and nobody remembers that stuff except for experienced haters like myself. Certainly Millenials won’t; when something scrolls off of their Twitter feed it falls right in the Memory Hole.

This whole effort, on Wolff’s part and the DemLegHump Media’s part, is still an attempt to play football while Trump is playing Call of Duty. Career politicians, even those who came late to the game like the Blessed Ronald Reagan, work within a structure where certain people’s opinions count and other people’s opinion’s don’t, and on that playing field the Democrats have been running downhill since Roosevelt.

Trump doesn’t know and doesn’t care what the Career Politician Thing To Do is. Those are conditioned reflexes that he never developed. He would make a great Bond Villain — you can never believe what you hear and only half of what you see, and whenever he offers to hold the football so you can kick it (as he did during the DACA meeting) it’s usually a good idea to give it a second thought. Watch the movie Where Eagles Dare if you want to know how things are going to develop these next three years. (Hint: Trump is played by Richard Burton. I’m hoping that Republicans can be as quick on the uptake as Clint Eastwood but I’m not optimistic.)

I have to agree with Scott Adams that the next President will be the biggest let-down imaginable; Trump is going to be an impossible act to follow.

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