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The Truth About College (as I See It)

10th January 2018

Severian is delightfully dyspeptic today.

The truth is, college today is a giant racket.  They’ll happily take your money, as it provides sinecures for the Diversity they love to interact with act cocktail parties (and absolutely nowhere else).  But as for actually teaching the Liberal Arts as they’re traditionally understood?  Fuhgettaboudit.  Short of wearing a MAGA hat in the faculty lounge, the fastest way to get fired from a modern university is suggesting that someone like Kant might be worth reading.

Can it be fixed?  I really truly madly deeply doubt it.  Even if you fired every egghead from Berkeley to Boston and replaced them with the Z Man’s readership, you’d still have to deal with a studentry educated in American grade schools, raised by American parents and/or (usually or) the American internet.  As I said over at Z Man’s, kooky California classes on pop culture fluff aren’t just political.  In my experience, vast swathes of college students — I’m increasingly coming to believe it’s the actual numerical majority of college students — can’t write a coherent sentence, can’t tell you the century in which the Civil War was fought, can’t find Great Britain on a map, can’t read a text more complex than a tweet.  Moreover, they don’t know that they don’t know this stuff, and not only don’t they care they don’t know it, they actually get offended at the notion that they should care.  If they don’t already know it, it is by definition not worth knowing….

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