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Trump Gives Media Extraordinary Access to Immigration Debate [VIDEO]

9th January 2018

Check it out.

This is brilliant. Trump got all the Democrats in a room, with the media cameras rolling, and asked them for their proposals for immigration reform.

The Democrats are caught in the spotlight. They can’t just say ‘Trump is Hitler!’, they actually have to come up with a positive program. They can’t tell the truth, that they want amnesty for the illegals so that these new citizens can bolster the Democrat buy-one-get-one-free base. Anything they say here can and will be used against them.

The media are caught between a rock and a hard place. They can’t come back later with subtle mis-characterizations of what was said designed to make Trump look bad. It’s all there for everybody to see: that Trump is not an idiot, not senile, not mentally deficient, but an in-charge CEO doing what he does best.

It is often said that sunlight is the best disinfectant. Watch all those proglodyte cockroaches scurry for the dark.

UPDATE: Yuval Levin.

The president made the sort of statements presidents usually make at the start of such meetings. Then he invited the senior Democrats and Republicans in the room to say something. And then he just started having people talk back and forth. Everyone around him seemed to be waiting for the press to leave so the real meeting could start, but after a while they realized it wasn’t going to happen, and they launched into something like a real meeting with cameras in the room.

The result was pretty extraordinary and is well worth watching if you like politics and policy. It suggested, to this viewer at least, something about both the strengths and the weaknesses of Trump’s very unusual way of being president.

Levin, unfortunately, comes very close to getting it but then gets left in the dust like everyone else. This wasn’t a substantive meeting; it was more like a bullfight, in which the bull gets run around while thinking he’s in charge. In the end, of course, the bull ends up in the dirt and the guy actually running the show winds up with both ears and the tail. Wait for it; it’s coming.

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