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Graham Wants Trump to Create a Pathway to Citizenship for Illegal Immigrants

9th January 2018

Read it.

There already is a pathway to citizenship for immigrants, but the current crop of illegal immigrants want to jump the line and be rewarded for it.

Yes, the current immigration process is in the hands of TSA rejects. Yes, it is one of the least efficient and frustrating activities by a bureaucracy famous for its inefficiency. So the answer is to FIX IT. If Senator Graham had put as much effort into fixing the current system as he has into wringing his hand over those poor lawbreakers who snuck in the back door and now feel that their entitled to free room & board, it would be well on its way.

Democrats see amnesty for illegal immigrants as a cheap & easy way to create a large permanent dependent underclass whose votes they can buy in return for Free Stuff at the expense of the American taxpayer. They’ve had a lot of success with black people and figure that brown people are their next target. I see no reason why any Republican legislator ought to be willing to play their reindeer games.

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