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Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome

8th January 2018

Van Jones: It Would Be ‘Global Emergency’ If 50% Of People Around Any Other President Thought He Was Unstable Yeah: If.

MSNBC Commentator: Trump Is ‘Particularly Hostile’ To Expression From ‘Women And/Or African-Americans’  The evidence for which is: Zero.

Insanity! Michael Wolff Claims I ‘Have No Political Agenda’  It’s true. He’s just in it for the money.

Scarborough Wants GOP To Force Trump Into Mental Fitness ‘Exam’  I suggest that we force Scarborough into a mental fitness exam.

Media Excuse Away ESPN’s Katie Nolan for Calling President Trump ‘F—–g Stupid’  She works for ESPN so I guess she knows all about stupid.

Harvard Professor Compares Trump Mental Fitness Questions To Communist Russia Tactics  Hey, it worked for their communists, why can’t it work for our communists?

Anti-Trumpers Literally Dressing As Snowflakes At NAACP Championship

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