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Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome

5th January 2018

Axelrod On CNN: Book Controversy A ‘Devastating Development’ For Trump  Funny how all of these ‘devastating developments for Trump’ never go anywhere. Actually, this allows him to cut his connection to Bannon easily and cheaply, and I doubt that it troubles him.

CNN’s ‘Situation Room’ Spends Over 20 Minutes Insinuating Trump Is Mentally Ill  Not really news, but a useful reminder.

The White House Press Corps Humiliates Itself  “In this world, there are a fair number of people who aren’t good at their jobs. But I think it would be impossible to find a group who, collectively, are as bad at their jobs as the members of the White House press corps.”

Study: Network Coverage of Trump Gossip Book Beats Out Iranian Uprising  Nothing is so important as The New Hitler.

How The Media Mainstreamed A Democratic Conspiracy Theory  Hey, it’s what they do.

USA’s ‘Damnation’ Revives Real Racist Vigilantes for Trump Era  Because Trump is, you know, one of THOSE guys.

MSNBC Republican: Trump Team Worse Than ‘Monkeys Hurling Excrement’  Message: Trump is so bad, even REPUBLICANS (racist, sexist, homophobe, women and minorities hardest hit, etc.) can’t stand him. (If you can wear a suit and call yourself a Republican without barfing, you’ve got a place on MSNBC.)

Michael Wolff: Trump’s Less Credible Than ‘Anyone Who Has Ever Walked The Earth’  And yet people elected him President. How do you account for that, Michael? Maybe you’re, well, wrong?

Eight Times the Liberal Media Screwed Up on Trump-Russia in 2017  I’m surprised it’s that few.

WashPost’s Rubin: Republicans ‘Betrayed Their Country’ by Defending Trump  More derangement.

Cold Snap: Media Hypocritically Freak After Trump Global Warming Tweet  Their senses of humor were surgically removed when they were hired.

Geraldo Calls Out Media For Slanderous Statements About Trump’s Fitness For Office, ‘Absolutely False’

CNN Guest Says Trump Is ‘Killing Us’ By Tweeting  Making a lot of noise for a dead person.

Michael Wolff: Who is he, and how did he get so many bombshell Trump stories for his book?  Made them up, mostly, I’m thinking.

Washington Post and Morning Joe on Wolff Book: ‘Just Every Page Really Rings True’  Proglodytes see it when they believe it.

Amanda Marcotte: Republicans Have Dumped ‘Moral Posturing’ in Favor of the ‘Politics of Sadism’  Really, you can’t make this stuff up.

Obama Official Attacks Trump For Treatment Of Press- Spicer Reminds Him How Obama Treated Fox News  Oh, yeah, that.

Group That Tried to Sue Trump Over ‘Emoluments’ Clause Just Got Booted Out of Court

‘Fire and Fury’ review: The most fascinating thing about Michael Wolff’s instant bestseller? It’s not even about Trump

Therapist Writes In Washington Post That Trump News Cycle Is Ruining Her Clients’ Lives  Cry me a river.

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