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Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome

3rd January 2018

CNN Panelist: Trump Governing America Like A ‘Communist’ Or ‘Fascist’ Dictator  Uh, no. Look at video of Tiananmen Square in 1989 and see the difference.

MSNBC Analyst Blames Trump’s ‘Profound Sexual Insecurity’ For Nuclear Button Tweet  Scott Adams calls this the ‘psychic psychiatrist hallucination’.

‘Ridiculous Thing’: CNN Revisits The Super Important Big White Truck Story  One day they’re going to catch that red dot, just see if they don’t.

‘Madness’ — CNN’s Brian Stelter Claims Trump Is Mentally Unfit For Office  After all, it’s all they’ve got.

After Trump’s First 2018 Tweets, CNN’s Stelter Predicts Year of ‘Madness’  One of the distinguishing characteristics of ‘CNN analysts’ is that they apparently can’t recognize trash talk when they see it. They need to try to keep up.

Barack Obama’s ‘best songs of 2017’ playlist is another reminder of stark differences to Donald Trump  Yeah. Trump gets shit done, Obama creates playlists. Listen to some of the crap on his playlist; once the brain lesions heal, you’ll see why Obama couldn’t get anything done.

North Korea crisis latest: Donald Trump has no nuclear button despite claiming his was ‘bigger’ than Kim Jong-un’s  C’mon, boy! Fetch the stick!

Hillary’s Spokesman Calls For Trump To Be Banned From Twitter Over Nuke Tweet  Somebody needs to remind Hillary that (a) she didn’t win and (b) even if she’d won her dreams of a Soviet-style dictatorship wouldn’t have worked.

Bush Administration Lawyer Demands ‘Psychologically Unfit’ Trump Be Removed From Office  C’mon, boy! Fetch the stick!

Trump’s claim that his button is bigger than Kim Jong-un’s proves that toxic masculinity is going to ruin the world  Gonna catch that red dot! Today’s the day!

This guy seems to think he’s qualified to discuss ‘Trump’s Profound Sexual and Masculine Insecurities‘:

I suggest he look in a mirror and maybe get some professional help.

CNN’s Chris Cillizza Claims ‘Size Matters’ When It Comes To President Trump  Another ‘psychic psychiatrist’ moment.

Trump Triggers Greenday Frontman With ‘Nuclear Button’ Tweet  These snowflakes really need to get over themselves.

Joy Behar: Trump ‘Needs To Be Medicated And Hospitalized’ Or He’s Going To ‘Kill All Of Us’  No, Joy; just you.

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