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Pakistan Is Super Mad About Trump’s Tweet

2nd January 2018

Read it.

Pakistan’s government called for a meeting with U.S. Ambassador David Hale the day after President Donald Trump blasted its government in a tweet Monday morning.

This is the sort of Normal Political Maneuver that made Obama and his minions very nervous. It indicated that he might have to take a position or make a decision or something, which is not what he was President to do.

Trump said it is time the U.S. stop giving Pakistan money in the tweet and claimed the country has given shelter for terrorists from Afghanistan. He said that the country has only given “lies & deceit” in return for U.S. aid.

All public knowledge.

The president’s tweet sparked instant reaction from Pakistan, as the government summoned Hale to its foreign office Monday to explain Trump’s tweet, according to Reuters.

This is the ‘normal’ diplomatic reaction to such a ‘gaffe’, in which government functionaries from the administrative state are encouraged to rein in elected politicians who are rocking the boat. Hale is supposed to walk back from what the President said and explain that it was ‘taken out of context’ etc. etc. I’m hoping Hale is a Trumpkin who will explain that the President meant what he said, and that the Pakistani government had better get used to the idea that there’s a New Sheriff in Town. We’ll see.

Trump cut off funding to Pakistan, according to a National Security Council official who told Fox News Monday that the White House has decided to hold the $255 million of approved aide to Pakistan.

That certainly sounds promising.

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