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Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome

2nd January 2018

POLL: Trump’s Numbers Slipping In Key Battleground State  Although there’s no evidence that Trump gives a shit.

Morning Mirror: Hillary Clinton Aides Mock Trump For Being A Fatty  Trump may want to point out that he may be fat but he can go on a diet, but Hillary is going to be an ugly bitter old woman for the rest of her life. But he probably won’t; he’s a much nicer guy than I am.

CNN Commentator: Trump, GOP Need To Come To Dems With ‘Open Hands And Open Heart’  One of the distinguishing characteristics of troglodytes is that they act as if they won even when they lose. (And too often Republicans buy into it.) Fortunately, Trump is not that stupid.

CNN Op-Ed: Trump Has ‘Apparent Desire’ For ‘A Particular Racial And Ethnic Balance’  Absolutely no evidence for that, of course, but since he’s The New Hitler it just HAS TO BE that way. When the race card is the only one you’ve got in your hand, that’s the one you play.

‘View:’ U.S. on ‘Slippery Slope’ to Stoning Gays Like In Iran  Only if Muslims take over, with which Democrats would be totally cool (for about five minutes).

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