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The Left-Wing Cannibal Holocaust

2nd January 2018

David Cole takes a trip to the zoo.

Left-wing looneybird Ta-Nehisi Coates found himself embroiled in a very public feud with left-wing loonierbird Cornel West after West attacked Coates for being too narrowly focused in his fight against “white supremacy.” Specifically, West pummeled Coates for not speaking up about Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians, an issue that, as we all know, is of the greatest importance to inner-city American blacks. At its core, this was a fight between two leftist blacks over who is blacker, and whether blacks should fight white supremacy from within the system, as Coates does as a shill for the Democrat Party, or from “the streets,” which West defines as his oak-paneled office at Harvard.

Actress Alexandra Shipp, who has a white mother and a black father, found herself the target of attacks on social media from black activists who were furious that Shipp will be reprising her role as Storm in the upcoming X-Men film. The flak came from “dark skinned rights” advocates who don’t think the biracial Shipp is “black enough” to play the role (ironically a role originated on screen by the biracial Halle Berry). When Shipp called the attacks “racism” and “pure hate,” she was reprimanded by anti-Trump author and blogger Nina Perez (a dark-skinned black woman), who scolded the actress for dismissing the seriousness of “colorism” against “darker-skinned black people.” When Shipp shot back that “90% of the racism I’ve experienced in my lifetime has been at the hands of fellow black people,” more black activists piled on. Now, Shipp is no closet AmRen fan; her pinned tweet for all of 2017 reads, “if you’re a member or sympathize for the alt-right you can unfollow tf outta me. Dnt watch my movies dnt b a fan fuck it dnt breathe.” This is just a case of a bunch of black leftists brawling over who’s blacker and more “anti-racist.”

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