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Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome

1st January 2018

Jorge Ramos Proclaims Boldly 2018 ‘Year Of The Resistance’

CNN Hosts Continue to Bemoan Trump Jabbing Liberals on Global Warming

It Is Time to Pull the Plug on Never-Trumpism

NBC Dismisses Trump Support for Iranian Protesters, Touts Propaganda  Of course he isn’t serious, because Trump!

Entertainment Weekly Marks 2017 By Praising Obama, Kimmel, Kaepernick, Tarring Trump  Even though Trump is more entertaining than all of those dullards put together.

Esprit Founder Paid Thousands For Sexual Assault Campaign Against Trump

‘Morning Joe’ Panelist: Expect ‘More Roy Moores’ To Represent GOP In 2018  Uh, no. Roy Moore was an aberration, local to Alabama. Of course, to the Crust, all Republicans are Roy Moore at heart.

Donald Trump does not have the ‘skill set’ to help bring peace to Northern Ireland, Irish premier says  Of course, the Irish are just knocking it out of the park by themselves…..

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