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The Real Message Behind Audi’s Super Bowl Ad Isn’t Exactly an Uplifting One

31st December 2017

Read it.

The Internet is in the proverbial tizzy about Audi’s “feminist” Super Bowl advertisement, in which the automaker comes out in favor of equal pay for women.

Audi is merely doing what every marketing department flacks do: Finding a trend they can ride, which beats actually working. Watch MAD MEN for the details.

Well, if you’ve been reading along, I think you’ve figured out what the real message of this Audi advertisement is, but just in case you’ve been napping I will spell it out for you: Money and breeding always beat poor white trash. Those other kids in the race, from the overweight boys to the hick who actually had an American flag helmet to the stripper-glitter girl? They never had a chance. They’re losers and they always will be, just like their loser parents. Audi is the choice of the winners in today’s economy, the smooth talkers who say all the right things in all the right meetings and are promoted up the chain because they are tall (yes, that makes a difference) and handsome without being overly masculine or threatening-looking.

The ancient struggle between Cloud People and Dirt People. Audi wants to appeal to the Cloud People because the Dirt People don’t have any money and if they did they would spending in on an F150, not an Audi.

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