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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

5th January 2018

Europe’s Tolerance for Terrorists

Refugees Commit a Disproportionate Share of Violent Crime in Germany Due To… WAYCISM

Trump administration freezes security aid to Pakistan  And about time, too.

Kabul bombing attack: Suicide bomber kills at least 11 in Afghanistan

Turkey’s highest religious body suggests children as young as nine could marry under Islamic law  That’s always been the case since Muhammad did it.

ISIS Goes To War With Hamas For Not Hating Jews, Egypt Enough

Syrian civil war: Russian jets suspected of killing at least 20 people after bombing residential buildings near Damascus

ISIS Executioner Who Tossed Gay People Off Buildings Captured In Iraq

US will withhold $255m of aid to Pakistan over alleged state-sponsored terrorism  Hee hee hee.

Syria’s Post-ISIS Future

Watching Turkey’s Descent into Islamist Dictatorship

Iran Reminds Us of the Dangers of Islamism

Culture-Enrichers in the Banlieues Celebrate the New Year by Beating up a Policewoman

Woman who declared her gun range a ‘Muslim Free Zone’ announces bid for Arkansas governor

Diehard ISIS Fighters Resort To Guerrilla Attacks In Iraq and Syria

REPORT: At Least 26 Nigerian Christians Shot In Attack On New Year’s Service

Street Gang Brutally Beats Up Paris Police Woman Over New Year’s Celebrations

At Least 20 Dead As Iran Uprising Stretches Into Sixth Day

Donald Trump claims Iran used cash given by Barack Obama for terrorism and corruption  This is news?

Iran protests – live updates: Police arrest 450 people in Tehran as Supreme Leader accuses enemies of stirring unrest

Palestinians condemn Israeli move to assert control over West Bank  This is news?

Corruption and inequality fuelling protests in Iran as Rouhani faces pressure to crack down

Iran protests: 12 killed amid demonstrations that saw attempts to storm police stations and military bases, state TV reports

Exclusive: Pakistan plans takeover of charities run by Islamist figure US has targeted

Fearing Migrant Attacks, Berlin New Year’s Eve Party Will Feature ‘Safe Zone’ For Women

Iran protests: Authorities blocks access to social media amid anti-government rallies

Iranian government warns protesters will ‘pay the price,’ two deaths reported

Iran protests: Two feared dead as anti-government demonstrations continue for third day

Falsely accused man set free after nine years in Pakistan prison on blasphemy charges

Police Car Goes BOOM! in Malmö

VIDEO: ISIS Gunman Walked Freely For 10 Minutes After Attacking Church

Cairo shooting: Video shows Egypt gunman calmly walking away after killing nine people outside Coptic Christian church

Iran protests: Anti-government demonstrations spread as anger grows at rising prices and corruption

Palestinian envoy to Pakistan shares stage with Mumbai attacks mastermind

Cairo shooting: Gunmen open fire at Coptic Church in Egypt’s capital

Two Gunmen Kill 10 During Attack On Coptic Christian Church

Iranian police in Tehran announce women who break Islamic dress codes no longer face arrest

‘Triple Talaq’: India introduces law which could jail Muslim men who instantly divorce their wives

In 2018 the barbarous wars in Iraq and Syria may finally be coming to an end  Don’t hold your breath.

Berlin to provide ‘safe zone’ for women during New Year’s Eve celebrations

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