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Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome

28th December 2017

Kathy Griffin Can’t Stop Blaming Trump For Her Own Career-Ending Move  The New Hitler made her do it.

CNN Loses It After Trump Blocks View of Golf Course With Box Truck

Kos: After Dems Win Big in Midterms, They’ll ‘Investigate the F**k Out of That Orange A**hole’ Trump  If.

Media Coverage In 2017 Marked By Bombshells That Weren’t

MSNBC’s Katy Tur Lets Rep. Speier Claim President Trump Is Seizing Power Like A ‘Tyrant’  Funny, he hasn’t done anything that Obama didn’t do.

House Intel Dem: Public ‘Already Aware Of’ Most Evidence Against Trump  In other words, they got nothin’

President Donald Trump’s monthly travel costs ‘a third higher than Obama’s’  I suggest we’re getting value for our money.

Kentucky Democrat says ‘a lot of us’ think Trump has ‘committed impeachable offences’  Ah, but proving it….

Saddest Man In America Screams At Robot Trump During Disney Ride

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