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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

29th December 2017

Muslim student who wished someone a merry Christmas says he was beaten so hard he ‘thought he was going to die’

Gunmen Attack Cairo Church, Killing at Least 8

Two men charged with plotting Christmas terror attack

Document Given to U.K. Allegedly Confirms Brotherhood’s Terror Link

Shia Muslims visit Nigerian churches to celebrate Christmas with Christians

Pakistani woman ‘gang raped on orders of village council’ after marrying man of her choice

Taliban, death threats and not giving up: Afghanistan’s football pioneer Khalida Popal tells her harrowing yet heroic tale

Kabul suicide bombing: Isis claims responsibility for terror attack on Shia cultural centre killing 40 people

St Petersburg supermarket bombing was a terrorist act, says Vladimir Putin

Kabul explosion: At least 41 dead in bomb attack on Shia cultural centre

Islamic State Claims Deadly Blast at Afghan Shiite Center

Stabbed to Death in the Drugstore by a Culture-Enricher

“Swedish” Terrorist Arrested in Rotterdam

Truck Jihad Plot Foiled in Germany

CBS Ignores Egyptian Man’s Shooting at Cops in Pennsylvania’s Capital

Vienna: Silent Night, Violent Night

Bigoted Bedfellows: American Islamist Groups AMP and CAIR

Rethinking “Radicalization”: Dutch Researcher Discusses What Makes a Homegrown Terrorist

Mo Farah targeted with racist abuse after wishing his Instagram followers a Merry Christmas

Stabbing murder at restaurant planning to open for homeless on Christmas Day

Danes Tighten Border Controls With Germany

Israeli Players Banned from World Chess Championship in Saudi Arabia

Christians gather to celebrate Christmas in Mosul church for first time since Isis driven out

France Deploys 97,000 Security Personnel To Keep Christmas Safe

Armed guards posted at Christmas church services in majority Muslim countries

Pennsylvania police shootings were ‘terror attack,’ DHS says

Pennsylvania Jihad

Congressional Candidate Tied to Pakistani Terror Group

FBI Thwarts Christmas Terror Attack From ISIS Sympathizer

Revenge For ‘Mistreatment Of Muslims’: Australian Police Say It’s Too Soon To Call Car Attack Terrorism

Another Day, Another Rape in the Shisha Bar

She Was Asking For It!

Christmas Market in Bonn Evacuated

‘Isis supporter’ arrested for plotting Christmas bombing of San Francisco

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